Best Elder Care Services in Chennai

Get everything you need for a complete and independent life, in one place.

Alserv provides senior care and assisted living services in the comfort of your home. Whether it is something basic like Maid Services In Chennai, Home Nursing Services in Chennai, medical check-ups or specific like travel booking and banking assistance, Alserv Geriatric Care in Chennai helps take care of everything you need in your daily life. We also provide our full range of services including Home Nurse Service In Coimbatore and Kochi.

With Alserv, you can live an independent worry-free life, and even inspire others to do the same.

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    Best Elder Care Services in Chennai

    Everything you need, delivered straight to home.

    Services We Offer

    What you get with Alserv

    Cost-Effective Lifestyle

    You don’t need to invest huge amounts on a retirement home. Instead, you can avail services at home.

    Senior-specific services

    All services including Caretaker For Elderly In Chennai offered on the platform are specially curated and tailored to every senior’s need.

    Personalized Call Center

    Receive undivided attention with a dedicated representative who will become an extended part of your family.

    Digital Platform

    Use our senior-friendly platform to access the best service partners, and easily pay for services.

    Quality focussed

    Our strict quality standards ensure the best of services from verified Female Caretaker, Male Caretaker, Family Caregivers, and service providers.

    Transparent and secure

    There are no hidden fees in our services. Your account and payment information is extremely safe with us.

    How it Works

    All services are available to our members via the mobile (both Android and iOS) or web app.
    You just have to:

    1. Sign-up

    2. Share your lifestyle details

    3. Meet your representative

    4. Choose the services you want; it is that easy.

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    How it Works

    All services are available to our members via call, or Alserv app (available for PC and mobile app)

    Donwload App:

    1. Sign-up

    2. Share your lifestyle details

    3. Meet your representative

    4. Choose the services you want; it is that easy.

    It is that easy.
    Start Living Easy Today.

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    The food is awesome. I have never tasted such good food from outside. Thank you for always coordinating it without any delay…Such a blessing to have you all, we are very pleased.

    Mrs. Jayalakshmi

    The way they asked about my requirements, about the taste of food everything reminded me of my own children.

    Mr. Sivaramakrishnan

    Our lunch from Alserv was just like we’d made it at home. It was tasty and healthy, and there was no unnecessary oil or spice. Everything was perfect. The service provider was so caring that we received a few extra servings of payasam too, since it was Avani Avittam!

    Mrs. Uma Jeevan

    My parents live in Chennai and have a caretaker for part time help from Alserv. She is well trained and well behaved, very thankful for her. And the range of other services are also very useful.

    Mr. Venkatesh

    I had availed the home maintenance service for my in-laws. The nurse who helped us was very efficient, careful and patient with them. I got the Best service from Alserv, thank you.

    Mr. Santhosh

    Living away from my parents became easy with the catering services by Alserv. The food was very good and homely. My parents also got timely delivery, they are very satisfied with the food as well. We are very thankful.

    Ms. Radhika

    Very happy and satisfied with the services, additionally the personalized care and attention given by the nurses should really be appreciated. I would definitely recommend Alserv services to others

    Mrs. Sundari

    The caretaker who helped us was very kind and understanding for all my mother’s needs. She was well taken care of. It was the best services for elders. Would recommend to others.

    Mr. Nataraj

    Assisted Living Services For Seniors In The Time Of Lockdown

    Elder care takes the tech route

    Elder care services venture Alserv is pitching itself as an alternative to assisted living options for senior citizens.

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    Alserv Articles

    Alserv Articles

    How many times have you spoken to your elderly parents and emphasized on the importance of taking care of their health? You are not alone, and elder care is often a path riddled with challenges, sensitive ones. While you understand their needs and care deeply, you may not always be able to provide the type of care they require. In many such cases, elder care Chennai, might be necessary to manage their daily needs.

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    Elder care homes aren’t always an option and elderly care services at home in Chennai, might suit your needs and that of the elder much better. Do they forget to take their medicines? Do they find it difficult to keep to mealtimes on their own? Are you worried about their nutrition and health care? Elderly care services at home in Chennai, is your answer to all these questions.

    Is their safety a concern for you? Do you sometimes wish you could travel across cities and rustle up a nutritious meal they would like? Elder care services in Chennai can do all this and more. Food and groceries, concierge services, personalized care, and so much more is made available at the click of a button with elder care services in Chennai.

    If you are left wondering what it might cost, lest assured elder care in Chennai is cost-effective and quality focused. It’s also easy to setup. Registering and providing a caregiver for elderly is easy and only takes a few minutes. So, the next time you are wondering how to make elderly living for a loved one comfortable and special, consider a caregiver for elderly, to meet their specific needs right in their homes.

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