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Subscribe and become a member, through our app or website to get started. Our plans are flexible, and affordable, with a pay-as-you-go service model.

We will record your personal and lifestyle details (provided by you). This ensures you get the most personalized experience we have to offer, with

  • Personal customer care representative (you will always speak to the same person)
  • Tracking for medicines – scheduling periodic appointments, test, and medicine delivery
  • Preferences of services, and more.

Browse the app & find what you need

The mobile and web applications are extremely user-friendly and intuitive to your preferences.

Decide from our wide range of partner vendors and services:

    • Medical & Emergency Services for checkups, medicine delivery, nurses, and periodic tests.
    • Food & Catering Services for on-call cooks, food delivery, grocery delivery, and catering services.
    • Safety & Security Services for installing adult proof home furniture, grab bars, CCTV cameras, and security guards.
    • Housekeeping & Maintenance Services for laundry, cleaning, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and painting.
    • Concierge & Other On-Demand Services for Travel & Ticketing, Driver on call, and Tech Help.

Each service will have the price clearly listed and you can book and set an appointment with any vendor you choose. Plus, it is accessible from anywhere and any family member can keep track of things or do a booking for you.

Can’t decide or don’t want to use an app? Just give us a call!

Call up your personal customer service representative at the call center if you’re not tech-savvy or can’t find what you’re looking for in the app. Each time you call, you will speak to the same person, ensuring they know your history and can help you instantly. They are available 24X7 and can’t do everything from booking a service, confirming the appointment to providing timely updates, and collecting feedback.

They also maintain a record of your routines to remind you of any checkups or essentials like medicine. You never have to worry about forgetting important appointments again!

Your order/service will arrive straight to your home

After you choose your service, your order will be delivered right to your home on time.

Your safety and happiness are important to us.

Hence, we work only with partners who are trained, verified, and vetted service professionals.

Your convenience is our top priority.

We will always make sure you don’t miss any important appointments or services. You will be informed & reminded via app and call.

Get in touch to know more

Transaparency in fees & payments

Every service invoice/bill appears on the Alserv application, and you can rest assured that there are no hidden fees! From there, you can choose to pay via a digital wallet so you don’t have to worry about calculation, cash/change, or tips

It’s quick, easy, and secure. This also means that anyone anywhere can make the payment for you.

We ensure you’re always HAPPY

We collect feedback after every service either via the app or call. Our aim is to ensure our service is 100% up to your expectations.

We are ready to help you lead an independent life, and bring happiness straight to your doorstep.

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We are ready to help you lead an independent life, and bring happiness straight to your doorstep.

Become a member today