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    Timely delivery and best quality assurance

    Always get the best products without any delays by safe and sanitized partners.

    24/7 personal customer executive

    Want to change an order or add something to it? Your customer executive is always ready to do it for you.

    Multiple shop ordering

    Alserv does not restrict your buying options to a single store. Purchase multiple items from any number of stores within one order.

    No delivery charges & minimum requirements

    Be it 200 gms or 2 kgs, a meal for one or a feast for the entire family, you now have the freedom to order what you want, at no extra charges.

    Safe, clean & delicious home-cooked meals

    Our professional cooks adhere to strict hygiene standards and use fresh ingredients to make your meals as delicious as those cooked at home.

    Groceries lower than market prices

    We bring you the best and freshest groceries straight from the store to your doorstep with no middlemen or extra charges.

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