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Alserv Prime is the complete at-home service offering for everything and anything a modern family needs.

From daily home essentials to on-demand services, we make sure Prime Subscribers enjoy life day in and day out.

Why we are your best choice

One App for Everything

No more separate apps for groceries, home services, meals or doctor bookings. Order everything on just one app or call.

One Family. One Plan.

Whether you’re a working professional, householder or elder, the Alserv plan is for the complete family. Convenience for everyone.

Pay-as-you Go Model

Forget bundled packages. You can now customize services and pay only for what you use.

24/7 Personal Relationship Manager

Whether it is ordering, making changes or booking a service, your relationship manager will get it done in a snap.

Vetted Professionals and Certified Vendors

Our partners go through strict screening, making them safe, trustworthy and dependable.

Safe Delivery and Sanitized Services

Your safety is our priority.
We follow strict safety standards and proper sanitization protocols.

Our wide range of services include


Grocery & Essentials Home-Delivery

Fresh groceries and food items
Household essentials
Cooking supplies

Food & Catering Services

Personalized home-cooked meals
Meal delivery service
Professional cooks

Concierge Services

On-call drivers
Event planning and coordination
Tech help for seniors
Bills, banking & payment assistance

Home Maintenance Services

Maid and laundry service
Electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other professionals.
Sump/tank cleaning, AC cleaning, disinfection etc.
Home repairs.

Medical and Emergency Services

On-call doctors
Medicine Home delivery
24/7 emergency care service
Home-treatment equipment rental

Clients speak

Mrs. Jayalakshmi

The food is awesome. I have never tasted such good food from outside. Thank you for always coordinating it without any delay…Such a blessing to have you all, we are very pleased.

Mr. Sivaramakrishnan

The way they asked about my requirements, about the taste of food everything reminded me of my own children.

Mrs. Uma Jeevan

Our lunch from Alserv was just like we’d made it at home. It was tasty and healthy, and there was no unnecessary oil or spice. Everything was perfect. The service provider was so caring that we received a few extra servings of payasam too, since it was Avani Avittam!

Mr. Venkatesh

My parents live in Chennai and have a caretaker for part time help from Alserv. She is well trained and well behaved, very thankful for her. And the range of other services are also very useful.

Mr. Santhosh

I had availed the home maintenance service for my in-laws. The nurse who helped us was very efficient, careful and patient with them. I got the Best service from Alserv, thank you.

The ideal life is now a reality!

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