Travelling is such a wonderful experience. Especially for seniors who can look forward to visiting their children or grandchildren in another country. While the trip itself would be full of memories to cherish, the prep might cause some anxiety!

There’s just so much to do from creating a packing list to shopping for gifts for the little ones, and oh all the paperwork that needs to be done today! PHEW! The pandemic has only served to make things more complicated, so for many elders, a service provider like Alserv could be very helpful.

Alserv’s concierge services are so flexible that you can ask your PRM (Personal Relationship Manager) for almost anything, and rest assured that it will be taken care of.

Here’s a quick take on how an Alserv member wanting to visit his/her grandchildren in the US prepares for the journey.

Client: Good morning Prem. How are you doing? 

Prem: Good morning! I am doing well! And how about you?

Client: We are doing great too Prem, thank you. 

Prem: That’s wonderful to hear! What can I help you with today?

Client: My partner and I would like to visit the US this month, but we want it to be a surprise so we can’t really ask our kids for help. Could we get your assistance, please? 

Prem: Of course sir. We will guide you throughout the journey and back!

Client: Excellent! Here’s what I need….

Booking Tickets

With MakeMyTrip and the Indigo app, it seems very easy to book a flight ticket today. However, when travelling to an international destination, you will need a visa and relevant paperwork. Your Alserv PRM is well equipped to make any bookings. They will collect passport details and can also help you get a visa by booking an appointment directly or putting you in touch with the right person for the job.

In addition to booking the tickets, they will also ensure you are reminded in advance of your travel dates, help with web check-in, and print out any bag tags for you if needed.

Pre Travel Shopping

Shopping for themselves and their loved ones involves a lot of time, and can be especially arduous for seniors. Once the list is prepared, Alserv’s concierge can ensure all the purchase is completed and deliver it to your home. Alternatively, they can also accompany you if you prefer to do the shopping yourself. They’ll help you book a cab, carry your bags and help sort out the day’s haul once you’re home.

Packing for the Trip

With concierge services, packing becomes so much easier. From getting clothing laundered and ironed for more compact packing, to ensuring the right place for certain objects (battery banks, electronics, etc., in check-in or carry on), having someone pack for you can eliminate a lot of hassle and anxiety in packing.

On the Day of Departure

Holidaying for an extended period means ensuring that you make your home as safe as possible before locking up. With the help of an Alserv concierge, you can ensure all electrical appliances are switched off.

Getting to the airport ahead of time with all documents and luggage is also a point of anxiety for many seniors. The concierge can accompany you till the airline Helpdesk! Since RT-PCR is a must at the moment, home tests can also be completed on time, hassle-free.

Getting Home

When it’s time to come home, your PRM will send you reminders on your flight details, and complete your web check-in for you. Alserv will also ensure your home is cleaned just in time for your return.

The part about travelling that no one talks about is the less than glamorous unpacking activity. With a concierge for support you can unpack, get your clothing laundered again, and completely set up back at home. Additionally, cooking after a long journey is also tough. In such situations, Alserv can deliver home cooked meals.

Whatever your purpose for travelling, Alserv concierge services makes it easy for seniors to get up, get out and explore the world they want to. Speak to an Alserv PRM today and start planning!