Old age can put you at the mercy of others for various day-to-day tasks. However, that doesn’t have to be debilitating. Having someone you can rely on can improve your standard of living and help you accomplish tasks you could have otherwise not done on your own in your silver years. A personal concierge can be your pillar of support, from fetching groceries to setting up Zoom calls with your grandchildren.

Going Beyond Healthcare

Seniorcare has been synonymous with healthcare for far too long. With increasing life expectancy and better quality of life for all, there has to be a favorable solution for seniors who wish to continue living in their own homes. While there are apps like Urban Company that make it easy to access ad-hoc services, seniors need someone looking out for them and making it much easier to avail the same. What is intuitive for seniors, isn’t what is intuitive for the younger generation.

Take for example Alserv’s concierge services. It is one of our unique offerings that is designed to make ad-hoc tasks simple for seniors – from bankwork to travel planning. Here’s a fictional take on how our customers can potentially benefit from being an Alserv member.

Pilgrimage to Tirupathi

Mr. and Mrs. Bhupati were keen on going to Tirupathi for a pilgrimage. After almost two years of staying indoors because of the pandemic, this temple visit was a non-negotiable event for them. Their children, who reside abroad, were unable to accompany them. So, Alserv’s personal concierge arranged the whole trip – from booking a hotel room for their stay, helping them pack, arranging a car to chauffeur them from their doorstep to the hotel, getting VIP passes to the temple and safely dropping them back home. The concierge had a doctor ready to cater to any health emergency that might crop up during the trip. Not just that, they also arranged for food in line with the senior couple’s dietary restrictions to ensure they would have a safe and comfortable trip.

Family Game Night

Mr. Vargheese, a 70-year-old widower, was alone in his family home in Chennai during the first lockdown. To cheer him up and keep him company, his granddaughter from the US decided to organize a virtual game night with all family members. Since Mr. Vargheese didn’t know how to operate a computer, Alserv’s concierge helped him connect to Zoom, chat with his family and have a fun game night without any hitches. The concierge also taught Mr. Vargheese how to connect to Zoom in the future so he would be able to talk to his family abroad any time he wanted.

Preparing for a Half Marathon

Mrs. Gupta wanted to defy societal norms and participate in a local marathon for seniors in Coimbatore. When she expressed this desire to her personal concierge, he immediately arranged for a doctor’s consultation to get the go-ahead first. He then coordinated with a personal trainer and dietician to help her prepare for the marathon. He took care of every detail, from registration to accompanying her to the destination on the date of the marathon. He even clicked her photograph and sent it to her family and friends once she had crossed the finish line. 

Arranging for a Pet Walker

Mr. Venkataraman recently had knee surgery and was unable to take his dog, Ollie, on regular walks. When his concierge heard of this, he arranged for a dogwalker to take Ollie for walks. He also arranged for a person to come in everyday to feed Ollie and bathe him regularly.

Your Trusted Partner

As you can see, a concierge for seniors can serve as much more than a health checkpoint. Alserv’s concierges build relationships with you so that you feel comfortable sharing your every requirement. We then go all the way to ensure that your needs are met to your satisfaction.