Savitha and her husband, Vikram, are a retired couple who live in their family home by themselves. Recently, their children moved abroad for work. While they are able to take care of things at home, tasks like going to the bank or using gadgets were things that their children usually helped with. Now that they’re away, Savitha and Vikram are finding it tough. 

A friend of theirs, Suman, tells them about personal concierge services that can make these tasks easier. She has been using these services for a while now to help her with grocery shopping, light housekeeping, bank work and even pet care! 

When you’re old and don’t have support close by to help you with certain tasks, a personal concierge can make life infinitely easier.

Who is a Personal Concierge?

Concierge for seniors are those who run errands and provide personal care to help with routine tasks that seniors may find difficult as they get older. For instance, Alserv’s old age care services include concierge facilities such as:

  • Driver on call for traveling
  • Tech help, from making a Zoom call to booking an Uber
  • Banking assistance like netbanking or filing paperwork
  • Property management such as rent collection and maintenance
  • Logistics for any social commitments
  • Planning travel
  • Pet care

Different concierge services provide different facilities, but the underlying idea is to make the lives of the elderly much simpler.

3 Reasons Why Every Senior Needs a Personal Concierge

1. It Empowers Seniors

Many seniors want to live in their own homes but aren’t able to do all tasks by themselves. Going to live in an assisted facility may not be everyone’s cup of tea either. In such situations, concierge for seniors can help with various tasks such as housekeeping and travelling within or outside the city, so that seniors can age in place without having to relocate.

2. It Can Be a Source of Companionship

A concierge from an old age care services company can not just help with routine tasks, but can also become a trusted companion for seniors. Often, seniors bond with their caregivers, forging lifelong relationships that can improve their mental health and overall lifestyle. Even if you don’t need extensive help, having a personal concierge can improve your social life and meet your companionship needs.

3. It Makes Life Easier for Everyone

When a senior has a concierge helping them with tasks such as keeping track of medical appointments, eating their meals on time, getting enough social interaction and even technological help, children have little to worry about. At the same time, it can be a stress reliever for seniors knowing that their needs will be taken care of. This makes life simpler for everyone, freeing up time for family to spend quality time together instead of worrying about caretaking.

Let the Professionals Take Over

Having a concierge for seniors can ensure that they are well-taken care of and lead their best lives possible in their golden years. If you or your loved ones are looking for a personal concierge service, then Alserv can help. Get in touch with us to find out more.