“Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old.” ― Jonathan Swift

The idea of growing old can be daunting, as it often means you may need assistance with different things. From grocery shopping to cooking your own meals, day to day tasks seem to get just a little bit tougher with age. In these instances, you may have to look to others for help. 

In a country like India, where family bonds run deep, children often take the role of caregiving for their parents. Sometimes, it is duty-bound, while other times it comes out of an emotional response. Either way, this role reversal can be hard on both parties. Elders may see it as a loss of independence. For children, it can seem like a thankless job, especially if parents have been unwell for a long time. It can also be hard to watch their role models struggle in front of their eyes.

Despite these challenges, sometimes, role reversal is unavoidable. Here’s how this can be dealt with grace and dignity.Accept Your Limitations

Accept Your Limitations

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. We’re not always capable of being superheroes. As you age, there may be certain things you may not be able to do yourself, such as going grocery shopping or cooking your own meals. Just because you ask for help doesn’t mean you get any less independent. In fact, it can empower you to lead a more wholesome life.

Communicate Openly

Trust is the foundation to caregiving. Openly communicating your needs can help set standards for both parties. There are some things you may want to hold on to, such as your finances. Letting your children know in advance can help them prepare better to help you out. Children should also be able to let parents know of their own limitations. In case they are unable to provide support themselves, services such as Alserv’s home nursing services in Coimbatore, Chennai and other cities can help.

Get Professionals on Board

Sometimes, you need professionals to take care of things that are beyond your abilities. If children are unable to provide 24/7 medical attention or cater to memory deficits, then professionals can step in to provide better care. For instance, Alserv’s care takers in Chennai can help seniors with everything from grocery shopping to healthcare support. This can assuage the worries of children as well.


Asking for and accepting help is a sign of strength. Meanwhile, providing parents with the physical and emotional support they need is fulfilling in its own regard. At the end of the day, empathy, open communication and a strong relationship can make role reversal simple.