A lot of things change in your senior years – especially your appetite. This often results in a reduced motivation to eat. Alserv’s maids in Chennai have noticed that many seniors tend to eat a small breakfast or skip it altogether. Yet, with so many experts saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day, is it really wise to skip the first meal of the day? Let’s find out.

Why Seniors Skip Breakfast

A decrease in appetite is the most common reason why seniors skip breakfast. Many complain of nausea first thing in the morning that keeps them from eating a hearty meal. At other times, seniors who tend to exercise in the morning also find it difficult to eat right before a workout because it tends to hold them back from their physical activity.

Should You Skip Breakfast?

There’s some research that suggests skipping breakfast can be beneficial, especially for those trying to watch their weight. Studies indicate that 27% of the elderly in urban areas in India are overweight. This is especially common among women, where 18% of those over 60 have been recorded to be overweight compared to 15% of men. In such cases, skipping breakfast or eating a smaller meal can help with weight control since the total calorie intake in a day may reduce.

For others, eating later in the day can help control morning nausea and encourage better eating during lunch and dinner time. Seniors tend to have a smaller appetite and hence, postponing the first meal can help them eat better later on.

However, a bigger portion of industry experts believe that breakfast is crucial for seniors. It provides them with essential nutrients first thing in the morning, thereby preventing malnutrition. Breakfast can also prevent snacking through the day, which contributes to weight gain.

Another disadvantage of skipping breakfast, according to doctors, is that it makes you prone to type 2 diabetes. It also adds to cardiovascular problems as it can contribute to higher blood cholesterol levels and even high blood pressure! Eating a healthy and balanced breakfast can also help with maintaining glucose levels.

The Final Word

While the debate is strong on both sides, eating or skipping breakfast should depend on your body composition and doctor’s suggestion. Some things that can help is eating breakfast after a workout instead of before, or at least having a glass of nutrient-packed smoothie if you don’t feel like consuming solids. If cooking your own meals feels like a task, you can always hire a cooking maid in Chennai from Alserv to put together a meal that works best for you and meets your nutrient requirements.