In the first two weeks of November 2021, Chennai witnessed the most rainfall since 2015. Despite numerous measures from the government, the downpour was incessant, flooding the city. For seniors living on their own without caretakers in Chennai, it was nothing short of a horror show.

November Nightmare

With many streets flooded and standed vehicles blocking various parts of the city, citizens found it extremely hard to get access to even daily necessities. The problem was more pronounced for seniors – stores that were even walking distance away were difficult to access because of inundation. Deliveries were out of the question. 

This meant that the elderly who didn’t have support close by were left high and dry. Some houses were flooded, and even those who had family in the city had a tough time getting their hands on groceries due to the incessant downpour. 

For context, Tamil Nadu has the highest population of seniors, with about 15% living on their own. In a dire situation like this, when access to basic necessities gets cut off because of a natural disaster, things can seem grim and scary. Many seniors found themselves stranded without medication, house help or emergency healthcare services.

The Alserv Community

Luckily, Alserv’s elder care in Chennai is prepared for worst-case scenarios. We strive to keep our senior community safe and well taken care of even during calamities. Despite the numerous challenges that came our way, our team worked hard to ensure that our seniors had everything they needed. Here are 4 prominent ways in which Alserv catered to senior needs during the November floods:

1. Freshly Cooked Meals

Many Alserv seniors living alone depend on us for daily delivery of meals. During the floods, Alserv’s key kitchens were completely flooded, making it difficult to prepare food. Yet, we arranged for food from trusted kitchen partners that were relatively less impacted by the floods. Our delivery partners braved the storm and floods to ensure seniors  got their healthy home-cooked meals, no matter what.

2. Emergency Deliveries

For seniors who weren’t stocked up on essential medication, Alserv’s Personal Relationship Managers made sure that they got their prescription refills on time. Once again, our delivery partners came through to make sure none of our senior members missed any doses because of the rains.

3. Healthcare Emergencies

During the floods, accessing healthcare services became a problem. Alserv connected seniors with doctors online for emergency consultations. Our team was also able to arrange for ambulances, paramedics and other healthcare services for seniors who needed them.

4. Round-The-Clock Availability

Our Personal Relationship Managers were available 24/7 to take distress calls. Not only did they arrange necessities for seniors, but they were also there to alleviate their anxieties and reassure them. In case some service was interrupted because of no alternatives, the managers informed seniors well in advance so they could make other arrangements.

We Care

During times of distress, Alserv elder care Chennai came through for seniors who needed us. Putting their needs and safety first is always our priority. Join our community for complete senior care support.