With age, things as simple as getting dressed can become a discomfort. Arthritis can make draping a saree difficult. If you’re bound in a wheelchair, then wearing pants or shoes may require assistance. That’s why investing in adaptive clothing can bring back independence and dignity into your life. Our team at Alserv, a leading elder care services in Coimbatore, Chennai, Kochi and other cities have put together this beginner’s guide to what adaptive clothing is.

1. What is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing are specialised garments that are easy for the elderly or people with disabilities to get in and out of. They come with alterations like Velcro or shoulder-open gowns that are easy to wear and take off. Today, there are a lot of adaptive clothing options in the market that are not just convenient but also fashionable.

2. Why Opt for Adaptive Clothing?

Apart from the sense of independence one can get out of clothing themselves with ease, adaptive clothing can also provide comfort and pain relief. For instance, if you’re in a wheelchair, high-waisted pants or wrap-around sarees can be easily worn and make you feel comfortable. Even if you need assistance with getting dressed, adaptive clothes are easier for caretakers to handle.

3. Who Can Use Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing can be used by elderly individuals whose movements are restricted due to different ailments such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, visual impairment, or even those who have temporary disability from an operation or surgery. Even others with any kind of disability can use adaptive clothing to make dressing more comfortable and convenient.

4. How to Choose The Right Clothes?

There are different kinds of adaptive clothing available in the market today. Shoulder-open night gowns can be used by people who find it difficult to raise their arms. Velcro-clothes such as dhotis or wrap-around sarees can be worn by individuals who have limited mobility or suffer from Parkinson’s or even visual impairment. Clothes with large buttons and buttonholes are useful if you have motor control issues. Even shoes with zippers and Velcro can give good grip while making them easy to put on by you or a caregiver. The key is to find the right options for you in the market.

5. Where Can One Get Adaptive Clothing?

Specific brands across the country manufacture different kinds of adaptive clothes. In Chennai, Old is Gold Store is an adaptive clothing brand that manufactures nightdresses with large buttons and buttonholes, front open and back open designs and even shoulder openings.

If you’re in Kerala, then Move Ability clothing and Aaramse are two brands you can depend on to find multiple kinds of adaptive clothing that suit your needs.

Up north, Cur8ability in Mumbai makes clothes with snaps, magnets, Velcro, zippers and other easy-to-wear options. Zyenika in Kolkata is a brand to turn to if you want fashionable adaptive clothing.

Zipping It Up

Adaptive clothing is useful not just to get dressed by yourself but it can also make your caregiver’s job that much easier. If you want help finding adaptive clothing that fits your needs, Alserv’s team of elder care services in Chennai and other cities can help you find what you are looking for.