As your youth passes you by and you enter your golden years, you may be tempted to sit back and relax. Not so fast! There’s so much to life even after you reach retirement. There are seniors who are using all their free time in their later years to grow their list of accomplishments. We at Alserv, the best elder care services in Chennai, bring to you a list of inspirational senior citizens who prove that age is just a number and if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

1. Reena Varma

Hailing from Pune, Reena Verma undertook the mammoth task of trekking down the Nathula Pass when she was 75 years old. And she did it all alone! Her love for the hills, and a passion for walking helped her on her journey.

2. Tripat Singh

Weightlifting is no child’s play. Even for a young adult, it takes immense discipline and strength to get into weight training. But for 76-year-old Tripat Singh from Chandigarh, fitness is everything. He got into the sport at age 64 and has a personal record of doing 584 push-ups in one go!

3. Harbhajan Kaur

Another tale from Chandigarh is that of 95-year-old Harbhajan Kaur who started her own barfi business at the age of 90! Fondly called the “Barfi Woman”, her endeavour started when she decided she wanted to make money of her own. What started as a home business has grown into a full-fledged business.

4. Tulsi Gowda

72-year-old Tulsi Gowda collected her Padma Shri award from President Ram Nath Kovind this year for being a fierce environmentalist. She is called the “Encyclopaedia of Forests” for her deep knowledge about plants and herbs. Until the age of 70, she worked relentlessly to preserve forests.

5. Himmata Ram Bhambhu

Himmata Ram Bhambhu is another proud recipient of the Padma Shri for his conservation efforts. At age 65, he continues to protect wildlife and birds in his home district of Rajasthan.

6. Pappammal

Pappammal is a 105-year-old organic farmer who works on her 2.5 acres of land everyday. Hailing from Thekkampatti, a village near Coimbatore, she is considered the oldest organic farmer in the country. She is also associated with the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

7. Vijayan and Mohana

71-year-old Vijayan and his 69-year-old wife Mohana from Kochi, Kerala have proved to the world that neither age nor your income can keep you from achieving your dreams. These globetrotters have travelled to over 25 countries with their income from a small tea stall that they run in Kochi.

Your Life, Your Rules

Age should never be a barrier to keep you from doing anything in life. If you stay fit and healthy, you can achieve whatever that you want. These 8 seniors prove that. We at Alserv, the best elder care services in Coimbatore, Chennai, Kochi and other cities are here to help you stay in the best form so you can chase after your dreams at any age.