As you grow older, have you noticed that you can “feel” your bones more? Bone mass stops increasing with age, making seniors more susceptible to bone weakness, and brittleness. 

Bones are living tissue that often repair themselves. When new bone isn’t created as fast as bone degenerates, it leads to a condition called osteoporosis. 

Why Should You Care About Osteoporosis?

Over 50 million Indians suffer from osteoporosis. Although it isn’t talked about much, it is a serious health concern across the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) categorizes this disease as the second-most concerning global healthcare issue after cardiovascular diseases.

 Osteoporosis is a “silent disease” that worsens progressively. In fact, you may not notice until you break a bone. The elderly are most prone to the disease as bone weakness can cause the most vulnerable areas such as the wrist, spine and hip to snap. A minor injury or a fall can trigger major bone damage. Osteoporotic fractures are serious, causing pain, disability and even deformity and mortality in older adults. 

How to Prevent Osteoporosis?

Keeping your bones healthy and strong are key to preventing osteoporosis. Here are 5 things you can do to ensure bone health: 

  1. Eat a Calcium-Rich Diet

For women over 50 years of age and men over 70, daily calcium intake should be at least 1,200 milligrams. A lack of calcium can lead to tissue and bone mass loss that can make them more susceptible to breaking. Including calcium in your diet in the form of low-fat dairy products, tofu, dark green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach can help you get your daily intake. Calcium supplements can also help. 

  1. Exercise Your Bones

Along with muscle workouts, it is important to work on your bones as well. Weighted exercises can improve bone health and reduce weakness. Strength training also helps. Consider enrolling for water aerobics, yoga or enlist a physiotherapist to keep you in shape. You can contact Alserv for the best physiotherapists in Coimbatore, Chennai, Kochi and other cities that we operate in. 

  1. Amp Up Vitamin D Intake

Apart from calcium, Vitamin D is also important for bone health because it helps metabolize calcium in your body. Get your daily dose of sunshine and include it through your diet through eggs, seafood, and mushrooms. 

  1. Watch Your Lifestyle

Too much smoking and alcohol have been cited as causative factors of osteoporosis. There are studies that show that tobacco can lead to a decrease in bone density. Leading a healthy lifestyle devoid of smoking and limited alcohol consumption can also reduce your risk of contracting the disease. 

  1. Chat With Your Doctor

There are certain factors like age, genes and sex that can make you a prime candidate for osteoporosis. For instance, women are more likely to suffer from bone weakness compared to men because they have thinner bones, and a reduction in oestrogen can also cause bone loss. Family history of osteoporosis is also a marker for vulnerability. This is why chatting with your doctor can help you check it in time. 

Stay Fit

The key to healthy bones is taking good care of them. Bone weakness can be prevented through good nutrition, right exercise, and timely health check-ups. Contact Alserv for all your senior healthcare needs, including doctor’s consultations and physiotherapists.