Grandparents or elderly parents can be a tough audience for gifting. Most often, they don’t care for material gifts. Yet, Christmas is the perfect time to give your elderly loved ones thoughtful gifts that will actually make their lives easier. Alserv eldercare in Chennai brings to you 10 ideas that seniors are sure to appreciate:

  1. Arm Rest Organizer

    Have you noticed your grandparents or elderly parents often misplacing things like the TV remote or their glasses? An arm rest organizer can make sure they have everything within reaching distance so they don’t have to go hunting. 

  1. Induction Stove

    Cooking fires can be a great risk to seniors who make their own meals. Nip this risk in the bud by gifting your senior an induction stove this Christmas so that they can cook without any hassle. 

  1. Multipurpose Heating Pad

    Older adults often suffer from multiple cramps and body aches. A multipurpose microwavable heating pad can be a good option to alleviate these issues at home.

  1. Grocery or Meal Subscriptions

    Seniors may find it hard to go out grocery shopping. If you can’t do it yourself, then get them a service that will do it on your behalf. Another great gift for senior citizens can be meal subscriptions so that they don’t have to go through the hassle of cooking. Alserv’s grocery or daily food delivery subscriptions can make for a great Christmas gift this year. 

  1. Jar Opener

    Opening cans and jars can get difficult for elders as they lose arm strength. Consider giving your senior an electric jar opener so they don’t have to wage wars with bottles of any kind. 

  1. Physical Activity Subscription

    Getting your senior enrolled in any physical activity can be a great gift to them. From yoga sessions to a home physiotherapist, the gift of exercise can be a sweet and caring one. 

  1. Uber Gift Card

    Give your seniors the gift of independence by getting them an Uber gift card this Christmas so they can travel wherever they want without having to depend on someone else. 

  1. Memory Games

    Puzzles and adult activity books make great gifts for senior citizens, especially when they’re stuck at home with social distancing rules. 

  1. Medical Alert Device

    If you worry about your senior’s safety and health, then you could get them a medical alert device that they can use to alert a loved one or an emergency service in case of a critical situation. 

  1. Shower Chair

    Yet another gift that can both empower your senior as well as alleviate your anxiety about their safety, is a shower chair. It can give them and you the confidence that they can safely shower on their own without slipping or hurting themselves.

Ace Gifter

While the gift of time is the best thing you can give your senior, some of these gifts for senior citizens can make their lives simpler. If you want to gift a complete senior care service to your elder, check out Alserv’s range of services for a thoughtful gift.