If there is a silver lining to the pandemic, it is that it has come at a time when technology is booming. For seniors who have been stuck indoors because of the coronavirus, or simply because it’s becoming hard to go out, entertainment at home can sometimes be challenging. As caretakers for elderly in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru or any other city, we know that getting seniors to engage in online activities can provide mental stimulation, and make them feel connected to the outside world.

Here are some communities and online websites seniors can explore from home:

    1. Easy Hai

Bangalore-based Easy Hai is a service started by two sisters in their 20s who help seniors get the hang of technology. Through Zoom sessions, they train elderly people to shop online, set up virtual meetings, use UPI and basically become tech-savvy. For seniors who are still at a loss on how to navigate the digital world, this can be a great way to learn the ropes. Whether you’re a senior caregiver or a facility for elder care in Chennai or anywhere else in India, you can help your seniors enroll and explore the online world for themselves. 

    1. GetSetUp

For seniors who are a little more hands-on with technology, GetSetUp is an online platform that has a variety of courses for them to take. From cooking lessons to fitness programs, elders over the age of 55 can choose whatever floats their boat. This is also a great forum to connect with other seniors and socialize from a distance.

    1. Silver Space

If GetSetUp isn’t enough to pique a senior’s interest, then Silver Space is another website that offers similar experiences. This one is for people aged 50 and above. Enrichment activities for seniors span from arts and crafts workshops, to yoga lessons that can keep seniors engaged.

    1. r/AskOldPeopleAdvice

This is a great place to have some fun conversations and connect with people across the globe. r/AskOldPeopleAdvice is a subreddit for seniors to have nostalgic conversations and even give younger folks some advice on life. What’s not to like? 

    1. Forum on Senior Citizens Group

A lot of seniors are already on Facebook to stay connected with loved ones. If you want to encourage them to cast the net wider, then the Forum on Senior Citizens Group with over 4,500 people on it can be a way to meet and greet others. The community describes itself as a space that helps seniors overcome loneliness and access self-help tools. 

    1. Online Games for Seniors

Don’t feel like socializing? No problem! There are other ways to stay entertained online. Online Games for Seniors is a website designed specifically for senior citizens where they can play games to keep their minds active and agile. They have three categories – mind games, strategy games and simulation games, all crafted to keep a senior’s mind ticking.

Keeping Busy

Online activities can keep seniors engaged, and allow them to feel like they are a part of a bigger community. Apart from the usual websites like YouTube, these spaces can give them more productive avenues while imbuing a sense of belonging. We at Alserv, a digital service for elder care in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Mysore and other cities recommend that seniors explore these options for some fun time from home.