An extra cup of coffee or staying up late once in a while, may sound harmless. But when you are dealing with osteoporosis, habits like these aggravate the condition. Why? They reduce calcium absorption in the body. And while medication and physiotherapy at home services can help reverse the damage temporarily, the impact is lifelong.

So here are some habits that can actually worsen osteoporosis. 

  • High Salt Intake

Taste diminishes as we age, turning meals bland and less pleasurable. In turn, seniors may reach for the salt shaker more often. This high salt intake triggers the excretion of calcium in the bloodstream, weakening the joints in the process.

To avoid this, limit daily salt intake to 2,300 milligrams. Using substitutes for salt like balsamic vinegar is also a great way to reduce salt consumption, but retain taste.

  • Excessive Caffeine Consumption

Drinking coffee and tea in excess, decreases the body’s ability to absorb calcium well. Experts of geriatric care in Chennai suggest drinking 2 to 3 cups of tea and not more than 4 cups of coffee a day.

  • Preparing Beans Incorrectly

While rich in nutrients that are necessary for bone health, beans are high in phytates. This makes it difficult for the body to soak up calcium. A simple way to overcome this is to soak beans in water for up to 3 hours and cook them in fresh water. It increases the nutrient content and reduces the potential for calcium blockage.

  • Eating Lots of Meat

High protein diets provide essential nutrients to the body. But eating too much meat can rob calcium from your bones. Strike a healthy balance by cutting back the amount of meat you eat weekly. Keep portion sizes smaller and consume more dairy products to meet your protein requirements.

  • Remaining Inactive

Seniors coping with osteoporosis tend to become sedentary. However, exercising and moving regularly is crucial to strengthen bones and improve balance. Incorporate low impact exercises like walking or climbing stairs into your daily routine.

  • Exercising Wrong

Many seniors turn to yoga and tai chi as a way to stay fit without exerting themselves too much. However, bending and twisting motions can cause compression fractures in the spine. Consult a specialist in physiotherapy in Chennai to learn what exercises you can and cannot perform.

  • Constantly Staying Indoors

With the ongoing pandemic, many of us continue to feel safe remaining only indoors. At the same time, going outside is essential to getting a healthy dose of vitamin D. A deficiency can prevent calcium absorption essential for building strong bones. If you cannot go outdoors, consider taking supplements and eating more foods rich in vitamin D.

  • Mismanaging Weight

Being overweight or underweight can impact bone health. An increase in body weight can increase the load on the bones and low weight can make the bones weaker. Maintain a healthy body mass index with proper diet and exercise to keep the bones healthy.

  • Getting Inadequate Sleep

Sleep can be a challenge for seniors since the likelihood of insomnia increases with age. However, logging enough sleep is essential for the body to carry out reparative functions, including bone growth and healing. To get the right amount of sleep, always keep a tight sleep schedule and follow it religiously. Seniors should also eat dinner 3 hours before sleeping to get the best sleep.

  • Sleeping in Awkward Positions

Sleeping posture is crucial to bone health. While sleeping seniors should ensure that the back is properly elongated and the neck is well supported. For back-sleepers placing a pillow below the pelvis keeps the back straight. Side sleepers get the same benefit by putting a pillow between the knees.

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