After retirement, Shiva had enrolled in an early morning yoga session at his nearby park. It helped keep him fit and he enjoyed spending time with his peers. Unfortunately, he endured a minor hip injury when he slipped on his walk home one day. His daughter, Mina, immediately arranged for physiotherapy home care services to ensure his speedy recovery. Shiva was given a clean bill of health after a month. He was excited to return to his morning routine. 

Mina, however, felt that her father’s injury had affirmed the growing fears regarding his health. She was afraid that next time, his injury could be more serious. For his safety, she avoided renewing his monthly registration to the club. To curb his disappointment, she vowed to practise yoga with him every morning on their balcony instead. But for Shiva, it was just not the same.

With more time on their hands, seniors hope to spend their days doing what they love. This is not how it usually works out though. Instead, children assume responsibilities towards their parents’ health, finances, and overall well-being. This role reversal can come as a considerable adjustment for elders.

There Is More to Ageing than Meets the Eye

Holding seniors back from their passion can rob them of their confidence, dignity, and independence. With several physiological changes and unforeseen ailments, it can also feel like a further loss of control over their own lives. Here is how we can continue to care for them, while keeping them safe.

Daily affairs

We may feel compelled to curb elders’ daily activities to a minimum. Assuming they cannot or should not partake in household chores can unknowingly make seniors feel incompetent and burdensome. 

Instead, we can strive to strike a balance. There is no reason elders have to complete entire chores themselves. Family caregivers and household members can tackle chores like cooking and grocery shopping together. Try to make it a joint effort to finish the tasks together.


Controlled diets are not a welcome change. But with age, medication, and illness limiting the sense of smell and taste, it is unavoidable. It also does not help that many children tend to be disproportionately restrictive with their parent’s diets out of fear for their health. 

Seniors deserve to indulge themselves once in a while. Consulting with a dietician can help create an inclusive, healthy diet that permits elders’ favourite foods in moderation.


Loved ones frequently instruct their elders to refrain from performing certain exercises. This can increase existing fears seniors may have about their own physical capabilities. They may opt to avoid exercise altogether and can fear stepping out from the safety of their home alone. 

The absence of physical exercise increases the likelihood of feeling lonely and restricted. Consider enlisting services like home care nursing in Chennai to help them achieve their fitness goals in a safe space. Hiring a driver can also help them get around unafraid, and movement outdoors can keep them active and social.

Enabling Elders to Live Fearlessly

When seniors are restricted from doing what they love, they become subject to several mental and emotional pressures. 

They become confined to a life prescribed to them after spending a majority of their life keeping up with different responsibilities. While it is understandable to want the best quality of care for them, it is futile if we do not consider the quality of their life too. 

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