There are no shortcuts to good health. You must choose the best ingredients, avoid bad food habits, and consume well-rounded meals, to keep your health in top form.

So, this puthaandu we bring you simple and healthy twists to your favorite delicacies. Try it yourself or ask your Cooking Maid In Chennai to use the tips. They are easy to follow, simple to execute, and straight-up delicious. Enjoy!


Pongal is primarily made of equal amounts of rice and split green gram dal with loads of yummy tempering. The simple carbohydrates in the rice contain sugar and can increase your blood sugar levels. This increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes if consumed in excess.

To make it healthy…

Substitute white rice with Kodo millet/waragu. You can also use foxtail millet/thinai, or little millet/samai. Millets are complex carbohydrates. They primarily contain fibre, which reduces risks of heart disease and diabetes. Millet pongals are also easily digestible and prevent constipation.

Multigrain Dosa:

Dosa batter is generally made from grinding soaked white rice and black gram lentils. It is poured on a hot griddle and cooked to crisp perfection. The same principle of simple and complex carbs is applied here.

To make it healthy…

Reduce the quantity of rice and add soaked pearl millet/kambu or brown chickpeas/chana in the batter. This is way healthier and has a good nutty taste. Including pulses like these also improves the nutritional value as it has more fibre and protein content. 

Baked “Medu vada”

Medu vada can be a great breakfast or a yummy evening snack. But the black gram batter if not prepared properly can soak up a lot of oil. This is not good for cholesterol levels. 

To make it healthy…

Bake the vada. It will still have its crispy, fluffy goodness while making it super healthy. 

Sorghum/Jowar/Chola Paniyaram

While sweet paniyarams are heavenly trips for our sweet tooth, they are loaded with unhealthy carbs and cholesterol. The thick fermented lentil rice batter also makes it a no-go for diabetics.

To make it healthy…

Soak and grind sorghum with a little bit of rice. You can also add pears and jowar. This simple change will reduce its glycemic index, which when high, increases blood sugar. Diabetics can also consume small portions of this version, with caution.

Why healthy twists are important

With the pandemic, everyone needs to boost their immunity and stay healthy. And according to experts of Geriatric Care in Chennai, the best way to ensure a strong body is by choosing our diet carefully.

Our traditional cuisines, though delicious, are often unhealthy and can cause problems. The busy life we lead has also made us into very unhealthy eaters. For elders, it is much harder. With mobility restricted, they often choose the foodstuffs most readily available to them. They seldom bother to check what they are consuming. It is very important to change that. 

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