Elderly people have to keep a closer eye on their health compared to their younger counterparts. However, if you think that keeping a tab on your vitals warrants a visit to the doctor every time, think again! Modern technology has made it possible to stock simple medical supplies for seniors at home to monitor their vitals, like blood pressure or oxygen levels. With these devices, you can detect irregularities immediately and seek timely medical help. 

Here are 7 medical devices, every elder must-have at home, according to expert Home Attendants For Elderly In Chennai:

  • Thermometer 

One of the most basic medical devices to have at home is a thermometer. The elderly are especially susceptible to infections like the flu that could lead to a spike in body temperature. They may also be prone to heat strokes. The normal temperature of the human body is between 970F to 990F. There are many thermometers available in the market, from oral and digital thermometers to contactless infra-red thermometers that have become popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

  • Pulse Oximeter

An oximeter is a small and affordable medical device that can be clipped on to your index finger to measure oxygen levels in your blood. Monitoring oxygen levels for seniors regularly can help detect conditions like anaemia or cardiovascular problems early. Normally, oxygen saturation levels between 95–100% are considered acceptable.  

  • BP Monitor

Having a blood pressure monitor at home can be critical to preventing heart disease and strokes among seniors. Normal blood pressure is around 110/70 to 120/80. Whether or not your senior family member suffers from hypertension or hypotension, this apparatus can be useful to keep track of any inconsistencies in their BP. 

  • Glucometer

For elderly individuals diagnosed with diabetes or even prediabetes, a glucometer is a must-have to monitor glucose levels at home. The portable device can instantly give you blood sugar readings with just a single prick. Keeping a record of your sugar levels can make it easier for your doctor to devise a suitable treatment plan. 

  • Nebulizer

A nebulizer is a useful device for anyone suffering from asthma or other respiratory illnesses. This device helps administer drugs directly to the lungs to aid breathing. For seniors with respiratory issues, a nebulizer can be a lifesaver. 

  • Weighing Scale 

Healthy body weight for seniors is just as essential as normal blood sugar or BP. Obesity can lead to many complications for elders, from joint and muscle pain to cardiovascular problems. Having a weighing scale at home can be useful to track BMI and establish a healthy diet plus exercise routine. 

  • Medical Alert Systems

A medical alert system or a personal emergency response system is an extremely useful device for elders at home. In case of any emergency, like a fall or simply when they feel uncomfortable, they can get your attention with the click of a button instead of shouting for help or scrambling to make a phone call. 

Final Word

Having certain medical supplies for seniors at home is necessary to monitor their health regularly. However, these can never substitute medical checkups. Make sure that your seniors don’t miss their doctor’s appointments. 

Alserv’s geriatric care services can schedule home doctor visits and home nurse in Chennai for routine checkups. Our relationship managers also keep track of your senior’s vitals to update doctors with necessary inputs so that your loved ones are safe and in the pink of health.