The lockdown has impacted people from all walks of life. However, those most affected are seniors who prefer to be self-dependent, despite their age. For them, daily rituals like going to the grocery store, buying medicines, and other activities have completely changed. This has made most elders choose online Home Care Services in Chennai.

But when the lockdown ends, will everything go back to normal? Likely not.

Post-lockdown, everyone still needs to be cautious, especially elders. So, how should you navigate this phase and still maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Here are five ways you can achieve this goal.

1. Limit your outings

Post-lockdown, there is still a risk of catching the virus. Scientists say that vaccines are months away and advise social distancing even after restrictions are lifted. Therefore, always try avoiding crowded spaces and interacting with strangers.

For seniors living alone, this is a serious problem. Where will essentials like groceries and medicines come from?  That’s where Home Care Services in Chennai can help you. Choose one that can deliver all the essentials and services straight to your doorstep. This will keep you safe and away from the threat. However, make sure that your service provider is trustworthy and dependable.

2. Maintain an active lifestyle

Physical activity is the key to staying active. Before the pandemic, walking in parks or having a stroll with friends was a great dose of physical workout. However, since you can’t go outside now, you need to look for alternatives.

Yoga and meditation are a great way to keep healthy at home. Moreover, there are many YouTube channels like Yoga with Kassandra or Vyaniti Yoga that can guide you in your practice. All the videos are simple, beneficial, and calming.

3. Keep track of medications

When the lockdown lifts everyone will be in a frantic mood to return to normalcy. It’s easy for you to get caught up in the fever too. Moreover, appointments and events that got canceled will start flooding in. When this happens, you may lose track of important medications and time-tables.

Use apps and reminders to keep everything sorted. But remember, that those apps can only tell you when your medications are over. Experts of Elder care in Chennai recommend choosing personalized health care services. You can also opt for Home Care Services in Chennai that can attend to your medical needs. They keep track of your health history and provide timely medical checkups at the press of a button.

4. Arrange for assured help

For independent seniors, housekeeping help like maids and washermen are important. However, when the lockdown ends, their services may not be immediately available. Moreover, travel restrictions will likely continue.

In that case, you would need to maintain the house, do laundry, cook, and finish daily chores, all on your own. This can get difficult, especially if you have a health issue or live alone.

To avoid this unwanted situation, arrange for services that provide Elder care in Chennai. It will ensure you don’t waste precious time in daily tasks like cooking, laundry, and spring-cleaning and can instead focus on relaxing.

5. Pick up/Maintain a hobby

Last but not least, maintaining good mental space and peace of mind is crucial. Studies show that hobbies like knitting are great for increasing cognitive functions. Experts of Elder care in Chennai even recommended activities like reading or gardening to stay fresh and happy.

Overall, maintaining a hobby will allow you to find mental peace and a sense of fulfillment. It will also improve your cognitive reflexes. For more ideas check out our blog on How to Stay Occupied at Home.

So those were 5 lifestyle changes you will need to incorporate to tackle the post-lockdown phase and maintain a routine. Whether you’re living alone or with family, following them with assisted living from Home Care Services in Chennai will enable you to stay safe, healthy, and fulfilled.