While the lifting of lockdowns and restrictions are a welcome change, it doesn’t mean the threat of COVID is over. A vaccine is still in the works and cases continue to rise. For elders and senior citizens, this implies a need for a quick lifestyle change through Geriatric Care in Chennai.

Physiological changes, due to ageing, makes elders highly prone to mental and physical harm by COVID-19. However, the rapid shift to online purchasing of daily essentials and necessities is now a more significant concern for seniors. For them, figuring out how to navigate different stores in an app, searching for what they need, entering a payment gateway or UPI number, then making the payment, is a huge ask.

Staying healthy and getting their routine checkups have also become a challenge for seniors. Trips to the hospital have become unsafe, and most aren’t tech-savvy enough to book cabs. Many a time they have to choose between risking infection or skipping their checkup—they lose either way.

The Government has recognised the importance of arranging quality homecare for seniors. The Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan recently declared, “Government has responded to address the concerns of the elderly by recognising them as a vulnerable population category for COVID efforts, issuing advisories, raising awareness of their special needs, encouraging State governments to develop need-based models for delivery of medications and home-based care to the elderly.”

So, what does this mean?

It means that, if we have seniors at home, a holistic approach is necessary to ensure their well-being.

Elders today need to focus on positive lifestyle changes and convenience. Medical checkups aren’t the only road to wellness. This is precisely why Alserv approaches eldercare from a lifestyle perspective, rather than just a service.

Anybody can arrange a one-time medical checkup when you need it. However, what’s more important, is having someone to follow up on an elder’s health regularly, keep track of all their medications, and ensure they are never down to the last pill.

Elders should also be able to buy and order essentials such as groceries or meals easily. We must understand that seniors are not familiar with the technology. A simple 5 min activity for a millennial is a daunting task for them. It’s, therefore, essential to introduce them to senior-friendly apps. If not they should also be able to order essentials via a simple phone call.

Lastly, ensuring elders always have someone to call is essential. This gives them peace of mind and a sense of security. This is why Alserv provides each senior with a personalised Relationship manager that elders can reach out to at any given time. They assist them with orders, payments, and are always available for a chat too.

Find out about the complete list of services which an elder can get at home.

This is the ‘new normal’ for eldercare. The emphasis must be on long term lifestyle changes and ease of living, rather than getting by one day at a time. Getting safe and sanitised plumbers, electricians, repairmen, maids, cooks, etc., is another challenge seniors face today. The need of the hour, therefore, is Home-based Elder Care in Chennai.