After months of lockdowns, countries world over are gradually dropping their guard. However, the risk of COVID-19 still lingers, especially for immunocompromised individuals and those with preexisting health conditions. Older adults are the most vulnerable group among this ‘at-risk’ population, as the possibility of contracting the disease rises with age.

Even after the lockdown has been lifted, experts of elder care in Chennai, strongly recommend following certain precautions. Here are some rules that you should still follow to protect yourself:

  1. Toe the Line of Safety

Governments, doctors, and healthcare professionals have clearly instituted certain guidelines for everyone’s safety. This includes wearing masks in public spaces, regularly washing hands and avoiding touching your face and eyes when outside. Even post-lockdown, following these rules, is essential, especially for seniors. It may help to carry an additional mask when stepping outdoors in case you lose the one you are using, keep your hands in your pockets to avoid touching shared spaces and to take a portable sanitizer.

  1. Social Distancing is a Must

Before you step out, evaluate how crowded a place might be. Although crowds in public spaces are slowly increasing, continue to follow the ‘at least six feet’ distancing norm. Avoid visiting overcrowded places as much as you can. Many home care services in Chennai and across the country offer to help out for immediate needs.

If you absolutely must venture out, then keep away from people not wearing a mask. Even during hospital visits, maintain a safe distance from other patients or ideally, choose home care nursing services or teleconsultation. In pharmacies or grocery stores, allow people to clear ours before entering. Avoid non-essential socialization even after the lockdown and eschew hugs and handshakes in favour of waves.

  1. Disinfect Everything

After you come home, it is advisable to wash up. Shower, if you can. Although research suggests that transmission through cloth surfaces is unlikely, a shower can remove traces from other parts of your body. Continue to disinfect any newly purchased items, as well as frequently-touched surfaces after you return. Wash fruits and vegetables with water before storing. Disinfect packed goods, medicine containers, doorknobs, kitchen slabs or any other surface the products may have touched, with water and soap. Do not forget to wash your hands after this.

  1. Keep People Informed

It is good practice to keep family and friends informed if you are stepping outdoors for an essential errand or a meetup. Keeping someone in the loop can be a good fallback plan in case an unexpected situation crops up. It can also ease any worry your loved ones have for your safety. When going out, keep emergency helpline numbers and those of loved ones handy. Have a doctor or healthcare provider’s contact on speed dial, just in case.


Just because government rules have eased does not mean that the danger is past us. As seniors, it is crucial to take every safety precaution to ensure your wellbeing. As much as possible, stay indoors. Many home care services in Chennai and other cities help seniors access essential services from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Alserv’s geriatric care services offer deliveries, medical checkups, house cleaning services, and concierge services at your doorstep that can take care of your needs, without having to risk the outdoors just yet.