Summer is here, and it brings the opportunity to indulge in delicious mangoes and the vibrance of life. However, the heat activates a lot of microbes. Then there is also the chance of dehydration and fatigue. These reasons make summer troublesome for elders. Fortunately, there is an easy way to tackle this. And that is — by making the immune system stronger. So, before we discuss the best immune booster for seniors, let’s see how the immune system works.

What is the immune system?

The immune system is the complex network of “T-Cells” or “fighter cells” that protect us from foreign organisms in our bodies. Your body is surprisingly self-healing. From small cuts to mild infections, your body is capable of restoring, fighting, and recouping.

However, as you age, your “fighter cells” become less active. The heat also makes them more tired; making you vulnerable to age-related diseases like cardiovascular problems and respiratory issues.

Therefore, you need to take good care of your immune system and boost the energy of your disease protectors.

Here are some easy ways you can do that

Drink plenty of fluids

Never wait to become thirsty. Did you know that you become thirsty only in extreme water shortage in your body? Many older adults also tend to lose their sense of thirst as they age. This leads to dehydration which in-turn causes constipation, confusion, bladder infections, and even disorientation.

Therefore, ensure you drink enough fluids (at least 8 glasses) in 24 hours. Moreover, water is among the best immune booster for seniors. Experts of eldercare in Chennai recommend always having a glass of water before and after the bed. Incorporating water-based foods like watermelons, soups, and smoothies into your diet also help.

Eat healthy & nutritious meals

Always remember that your “fighter cells” also eat what you consume. If you eat nutritious and healthy meals, they will too.

Also, if you have conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, eating healthy becomes all the more important. This is because your limited diet deprives you of iron, zinc, folic acid, vital vitamins, and other micronutrients.

Therefore, ensure you follow a balanced diet. Meet a healthcare professional to identify your nutrient sources and consider taking a multivitamin food supplement to boost your immunity.

Maintain Good Hygiene 

Good hygiene, though important year-round, becomes more essential during summer months. The main reason for this is sweat.

Excessive sweat can become breeding spots for bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This can lead to a number of infections. Therefore, keeping your body clean and fresh is crucial.

Wash your hands frequently and shower often in summers. Also, keep your surroundings clean and use an antiperspirant or anti-fungal talc to keep skin infections at bay.

Exercise regularly

Just because it is summer, it does not mean that exercising should take a backseat. Regular exercise is one of the best immune boosters for seniors. Plus, it lowers blood pressure, controls weight, and improves cardio health. Think of it as training your body soldiers.

However, do not think of household chores as exercises. They do provide mobility but they are not wholesome. Also, avoid going physical work during peak sun time, like afternoons. Instead, go for activities like yoga, or walking around the block in the evenings.

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There are several other things you can do to boost your immunity. Getting enough sleep and reducing your exposure to stress can automatically improve your immunity.

The more you take care of your fighter cells, the better they will protect you. The only way to do that is by adopting a healthy lifestyle. And now, doing that is easier than ever with the various home care services in ChennaiTo know more call us at +91 – 44 4666 4888 or email us at