10 years ago, mobile phones were a luxury. They were extremely expensive and did not have many functionalities. Fast-forward to today, and everybody has a smartphone. They have become highly versatile and handy. Plus, there are many apps for seniors, that weren’t there before.

These applications come with various features and are designed for all age groups,  even for seniors. Starting from those that monitor blood pressure, allow video calls with your family to apps for elderly care and Home Care services in Chennai. These apps save elders time, money, and make their life a lot easier.

So today we are going to look at FIVE apps for seniors every elder must have in their smartphones.

1. Blood Pressure Tracker

If you’re someone who needs to keep your BP in check regularly, this app is perfect for you. It generates easy to read reports, has a separate section for diabetic patients, and it’s free (there are in-app purchases but those are optional).

Moreover, the app also provides health reminders and allows all the reports to be exported. You can share these reports with your doctors, giving them a better understanding of your health. It also allows you to predict any change in your normal  BP levels and take timely action required.

2.  Medisafe

With the motto “never forget a pill again,” Medisafe allows you to track all your medicine schedules. It gives you reminders, allows you to track your mood, record body weight, and gives drug information.

For seniors living alone without a Patient Care Taker, this senior citizen app will ensure you don’t miss your doses or take a double dosage by mistake.

3. Lumosity

This free app kills two birds with one stone. It provides a wide variety of quizzes, games, and puzzles that promotes mental health. Plus, you can pass the time and have fun with its simple and interesting content.

The various levels are immersive, stimulate your cognitive functions, and boosts memory.

4. Calorie Counter

Now, we all have that one day where we want to have an extra piece of the forbidden fruit in our fridge. This app helps us monitor how we can still eat that without wreaking havoc to our bodies. For seniors having diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic conditions, this is a great app. And unlike most calorie counting apps, it has a versatile database of information so you don’t need to manually enter numbers.

It tracks how much you have consumed in a day and also suggests what foodstuffs to avoid. This helps you plan your meals, control your health vitals, and stay fit.

5. Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

This senior citizen app allows you to read any fine print with ease by magnifying the text. This makes it perfect for everyday use by seniors. With this, you can read medicine labels, expiration dates on products, newspapers, or novels without having to strain your eyes.

The flashlight feature also makes it quite handy to read in dim light. Overall, it’s a great tool for every senior to have in their smartphones.

BONUS APP: Tapestry

This is a social media app for older people who like to interact with other seniors but don’t prefer the existing platforms. It allows you to share messages, photos, and videos with other seniors in an ad-free environment. Moreover, since it is specifically designed for seniors, you get to meet new people that have the same interests as you.

For non-tech savvy or seniors who prefer not to use smartphones or apps for seniors, you can always opt for Home Care Services in Chennai. They provide all these services and more with just one phone call. However, make sure you choose one that provides 24X7 personal customer support.

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