Taking care of your parents from afar

The phone kept ringing but there was no answer.

Sanya’s mom did not answer the phone for an hour and she was growing more worried. 

As she kept waiting with beads of sweat, the thoughts started forming: did she fall down? What if she hurt herself? Did she take the wrong medication?

“Hello,” came a tired reply suddenly, and Sanya took a deep breath. 

Her mother had fallen asleep after washing the dishes and cleaning the house.

“I fell asleep, dear. I was too tired after all the work.”

The very next day, Sanya rang up a service provider for elder care in Chennai, and arranged for a cook, housekeeper, and had CCTV cameras installed.

While Sanya was lucky nothing happened to her mother, such cases occur frequently.

“It became increasingly difficult for my parents to keep track of medication and do daily chores. They stay alone in Chennai, while I stay in Bangalore,” says Rajesh, an IT professional who had to move for his job.

Like Sanya’s and Rajesh’s parents, today 60 million elders in India live independently. And due to the distance, taking care of their parents becomes difficult.

While there are home care services in Chennai that can help, what if your parents or grandparents don’t know to use them?

How can you ensure their safety and well-being distantly? Let’s find out.

First, let’s look at the various hurdles children of seniors face when they live far away from each other.

The Challenges

Among the most worrying things for people like Sanya and Rajesh is making sure their parents stay healthy. This includes ensuring they are taking the right doses of medication or visiting their doctors regularly.

However, sometimes the pharmacy or the hospital may be too far. Going for check-ups or to buy medicines is quite tough in such a case. Moreover, it’s unsafe for them to venture out often as transport may be hard to come by.

Another problem in long-distance parent care is ensuring parents eat healthy home-cooked meals. Elders tend to stick to eating habits, and sometimes this can prove to be unhealthy. For example, a diabetic patient should not consume too much rice or potato. However, our elders rarely follow such advice. They prefer to eat foods they are familiar with or that is easy to cook. Then there is also the trouble of going and getting the groceries.

Making sure they are free from accidents—falls, slips, fire, and other mishaps is also a big challenge. Sometimes, neighbors may help but they are not available 24×7, nor is their help assured in emergency situations.

Also, seniors are frequently targeted by thieves. There are many cases where strangers have forcefully entered houses of seniors and extorted valuables. Recently, Felomina Agnelo, a 75-year-old was robbed of ₹3 lakh from her home at gunpoint (source: The Times of India). The mental trauma caused by such experiences is extremely dangerous. It is up to us to protect them.

They are also not safe online, as many elders are targets of scams.

“My grand-dad was about to give away his bank account details to an unknown caller. They pretended to be verifying his account details for KYC. Fortunately, he called me up to ask if they could be trusted. We were lucky, I know there are those that aren’t,” says Prasad, a Marketing Manager.

Thankfully elder care in Chennai offers easy remote solutions to all these challenges.

Long-distance parent care: Remote Solutions to Distance Problems

One of the ways to make sure your parents are healthy and safe is to arrange for the following:

  • Uninterrupted supplies of medicines for their continued health
  • Home groceries and essentials delivery to reduce commute time
  • Health insurance for emergencies
  • Professional Housekeeper that can take care of all their daily chores
  • Trained Cooks to ensure they have wholesome nutritious meals
  • Home safety equipment like CCTV cameras, grab bars, etc.

You can either do this by visiting for a few days and taking care of everything, or you can do what many choose to do.

Get everything arranged by home care services in Chennai that provides these services at your parents’ locality. However, before subscribing to one, make sure they have the following features:

  • Facilities for in-house medical checkups by partner doctors
  • Doorstep delivery of medicines & essentials
  • Emergency services
  • 24X7 customer support
  • Only vetted and trained professionals are provided

Apart from this make sure to call them at least once every day. Listen to how they are doing, what kind of day they had. They love to hear what is happening with your life. Talk to them about your recent promotions or a good grade you got, nothing excites them more than to hear you are doing well.

Empower your parents

As you can see, even if you stay away from your parents and elders, with these long-distance parent care tips there is a lot you can do. Most importantly, while you cannot be there physically, you can definitely gift them a life of fulfillment with home care services in Chennai.

We owe a lot to them, the least we can do is help them get the best of their senior life.