2020 has been a roller-coaster with the worldwide pandemic and widespread lockdowns. However, on the bright side, it has made everyone focus on a more healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, especially the elders. Despite essential services closing, senior citizens made sure to stay healthy and safe using Home Care Services in Chennai for everyday things like groceries and medicines.  But now, the spotlight is on “Life after Post-lockdown“. For seniors living alone, we have compiled a Senior Citizen Living Alone Guide that will ensure you stay safe and fulfilled.

So here are 5 top tips that’ll help you do exactly that.
(These are tips catering to all seniors living independently. For specific queries, call us at +91 44 4666 4888)

TIP 1: Keep emergency numbers close

Accidents can happen anytime. Therefore, it’s important you maintain a list of telephone numbers of emergency services. A neatly written or typed note containing all essential contact information is highly recommended by experts of Elder Care in Chennai. This note should contain contact details of:

  • Ambulance
  • Medication Delivery Service
  • Personal Care-Taker
  • Police Station
  • Fire-service
  • Cabs and concierge
  • Emergency contact person(try to keep at least two)

You can place the note, or stick it anywhere you have a phone. Keeping all the contacts on your mobile phone in speed dial is also a smart choice.

With Alserv, you can have all this in one place. A subscription to the service will put everything at your fingertips whenever you need it.

TIP 2: Stay clear of “unseen” poisons

Every day we are subjected to a lot of harmful compounds. However, for elders, none is more harmful than Carbon Monoxide (CO) produced by boilers, gas stoves, and ovens.

Why is it so harmful? 

It’s because prolonged exposure causes breathing and heart issues.

To prevent this, keep appliances like ovens and stoves away from the bedroom. Moreover, ensure the flame in your stoves is blue; if it’s yellow or orange, it means CO is being produced.

Also, try to limit the time you spend in the kitchen by employing a cook on call or getting home-cooked meals delivered.
Another way seniors living alone can be exposed to harmful poisons is during laundry or home cleaning. Never mix cleaning liquids and avoid using compounds like bleach as they can cause irritation in the skin. Fortunately, there are now Home Care Services in Chennai providing trained professionals to manage cleaning activities at affordable rates.

TIP 3: Install proper home safety equipment

Falls and slips make up 75% of accidents that involve seniors. Therefore, making a home safe for residence is crucial. Grab bars, motion lighting, smoke detectors, and fire alarms are important safety measures that must be installed.

(Learn more about making your home safer here: How to Create Safe Homes for Independent Seniors)

However, make sure that the installation is done by only trusted professionals from reliable Home Care Services in Chennai. The last thing you need is faulty equipment that does not function in times of need.

TIP 4: Label medication properly

For elders having ailments like heart disease and diabetes, taking the proper medication is crucial. These are just two of the many health conditions which are common for seniors.

Therefore, if you take more than one or two medicines regularly, make sure you label them properly. The label should include:

  • Name of the medicine
  • Expiration date
  • Time of intake

Also, make sure you order them before your stockpile finishes. Track them using a calendar or subscribe to Home Care Services in Chennai that keep track of your medical history and ensure you get all your medicines on time.

TIP 5: Get regular health Checkups

When you are living alone, good health is your most valuable asset. While there are services providing Elder Care in Chennai that take care of your home maintenance and essential deliveries, you need to ensure you get your health checked out regularly.

Are your blood pressure and sugar normal, is there any discomfort in your joints, are you following a balanced diet. Make sure you get checked regularly, preferably once a month.

This ensures you stay fit and capable of pursuing your passion without any hindrance.

So, that was our Senior Citizen Living Alone Guide. As you can see, most can easily be taken care of with Home Care Services in Chennai. Therefore, what you should focus on is getting the most out of your life. Once you decide to be happy and fulfilled, everything else is just a call away.