She was an advocate in her youth, now she watches crime dramas on the TV.

He was a footballer back in the day, today he wistfully watches children playing outside.

When we are naive and young, we think that growing older is the solution to all our problems. When we finally reach the golden age, we find it’s not as liberating as we imagined. We start fitting into the mold and retreat into a shell. We start looking more like the dusty-picture that society has painted of how a senior citizen should be. Are Home Care Services in Chennai the solution?

Purposefully breaking the “Age-old” mold: Do you really need Elder Care in Chennai?

The WHO says, “Between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will nearly double from 12% to 22%.”

When you hit that magic number, you can be sure that people will either expect you to binge watch TV series all day or sit around doing nothing. Sometimes it comes from a place of love. Your family may not want to see you struggle, but it is still troubling. However, with Home Care Services in Chennai that can be completely avoided.

Look at how many senior citizens are breaking the mold with Elder  Care in Chennai. Some are taking up new skills, and others are trying to check things off their bucket list. These elders don’t allow society’s presumptions to catch up to them. Starting from YouTube, stand-up comedy, music, and even sports, age never dulled their passion.

Here are some shining examples.

Mastanamma, Chef & YouTuber

At 110  years old, Karre Mastanamma’s Youtube channel is called “Country foods.” With a loyal following of 1.47 million subscribers. Her rustic and homely food never fails to make its viewers’ mouth water.  The channel has over 100 million views and can give even an experienced chef a run for his/her money.

Vijayan and Mohana, Tea-sellers & Globetrotters

At first glance, their tea-stall “Sree Balaji Coffee House” is like any normal shop on the road-side. However, with their modest savings,  Vijayan and Mohana, have traveled to 23 countries so far. They are both around 70 years of age and still going strong. The walls of their shop are filled with memories of the places they have visited. Anand Mahindra once referred to them as among the richest people not in the Forbes Rich List. Talk about making an impact!

Harriette Thompson, Cancer Survivor & Marathon Runner

Clocking 7 hours and 24 mins, Harriette Thompson created history in 92-year-old. She crossed the finish line in a marathon in San Diego. Despite having been diagnosed with cancer, she never gave up on her passion for running. A pianist in her youth, Thompson started running at the age of 70.

And many more…
  • TS Madaan who became a motivational speaker at the age of 61
  • Bhageerathi Amma who passed the fourth standard exam at 105 years
  • Nisha Madhulika who started her food blog at 62
  • James Collins Warren who got his flying license at 87

These amazing individuals are proof that age is just a number. They prove that you can still follow your passion, and have a purpose.

But, while many dream of such a life, their reality is quite different. Although the world is becoming more connected and accessible, seniors have become less independent and continue to face difficulties.

The tougher end of this spectrum is when elders shipped off to commercialized old age homes. Generally, they have to take a chunk out of their savings to buy their way into these retirement homes. Sadly, some never realize the possibilities of  Home Care Services in Chennai and the opportunities available to them. So, where do you draw the line? Asking for help is the first step towards peaceful and happy independent, senior living.  You can also find platforms for credible Elder Care in Chennai. And when you have a trusted service provider who basically functions as an extension of your family, the world is your oyster!

Expectations vs Reality: Living with and without Home Care Services in Chennai

To lead a full life when old, you need to be mentally and physically healthy.  However, most seniors living independently must manage chronic illnesses and the troubles that come with old age. Even day to day activities, like getting medical supplies, maintaining the household, or buying groceries, may become too difficult.

Thankfully, you just need to have a routine set in place and an excellent team of professionals from Home Care Services in Chennai. You can also take help from a service that provides elder care and deliver every essential requirement at your doorstep like Alserv.

For example, medical and emergency services are one of those things you simply cannot compromise on. For elders, even a simple trip to the pharmacy takes a considerable effort. While you may have a nearby pharmacy, what happens when they run out of a particular medication? Maybe they don’t stock your brand of insulin or haven’t bought the blood pressure tablets you need?

That is why proper access to medical facilities whenever you need them is important. In addition to supplies, you must also have the option to hire a trusted nurse or caretaker, in case of emergencies. However, while opting for Elder Care in Chennai always make sure to verify their authenticity. The same goes for Home Care Services in Chennai.

Maintaining a good diet should also be a priority. Elders living alone, or those having family going out on vacation mostly face trouble when it comes to cooking their own food. Daily chores like doing laundry or cleaning the house also become a challenge. Catering servicesHousekeeping Agency in Chennai that take care of both can be very helpful in such a scenario.

Apart from this, access to maintenance services and concierge facilities that guarantee only qualified and trained individuals is also important. What if you’re living alone and need a piece of furniture fixed or require help with the plumbing? What if you need to go somewhere and need a guide to take you there? That is where Home Care Services in Chennai, which provide only reliable professionals can help you.

When all these things are taken care of, you will automatically feel the weight lifted. Gradually you will start rising above the dullness of aging.

Think of getting older as a boon

Clearly, adding on years doesn’t mean giving up on aspirations or passion. Inside the body lies the same individual that dreamed and desired. Do not allow a few ‘rings in the trunk’ to make life stagnant. With the right services providing Elder Care in Chennai you can still have a purpose in life.

Take that trip, learn that skill, start a blog, open a YouTube channel, become a stand-up comic, or take a journey of self-discovery—there are a million ways you can make growing older full of purpose.

It is not how old you are, it is how you are old

– Jules Renard, French author

Maintaining purpose and staying relevant is a choice. Once such a mindset is cemented, in this age, getting exceptional support from Home Care Services in Chennai is as easy as clicking a button.