A home is a place of comfort, familiarity and lends a feeling of security. Considering the increasing number of seniors living alone, installing proper safety measures has become crucial for home care in Chennai. It’s best to have your home audited by our elder care experts in Chennai to check for potential hazards.

However, to get you started, here are our insights on ways to avoid the most common and preventable home accidents.


Safe bathrooms are incredibly important as most home accidents occur in the bathroom. Nearly 33% of the elderly need hospital treatment following a bathroom incident. For senior-friendly bathrooms, install grab bars in the shower and beside the toilet. Elder care experts in Chennai recommend color-coded faucets. It helps elders to quickly differentiate between the hot and cold water taps.

Raised toilet seats with handlebars also make it easier for the elderly to sit down and get up. If you truly want it, go for walk-in bathtubs instead of the standard sit-down regular bathtubs.

Doorways & Stairs

Ensure doorways are at least 1m wide. Such open designs allow seniors to easily access different parts of the home, particularly when using walkers or wheelchairs for mobility. The door should also have a peephole. It helps seniors avoid opening doors to unwanted visitors.

Experts of home care also suggest installing motion-sensitive lighting. It helps the elderly avoid accidents while fumbling for the light switch. Seniors also tend to struggle with round doorknobs as they are not easy to grip. A handle is a better option as it can be easily pushed down to open the door.

If your elders often have trouble getting up and down the stairs, then a set of sturdy rails may not be enough. For those living in multi-story homes, look into installing stairlifts that help them get from one floor to the next with ease.

Entrance and Living Room

Avoid using throw rugs without proper rubberized backing. They cause injuries by slipping and falling. Likewise, floor wiring and slippery indoor footwear could also be possible hazards. Non-slip footwear and the range of readily available wireless electronics are a simple solution.


The kitchen is a minefield of injuries waiting to happen. The most common cause of accidents are spillage from faucets. If they are slippery and tough to close seniors run the risk of slipping on water that spills over the sink. If replacing a faucet is not an option, use a rubberized grip on the tap.

Make sure seniors can use the pantry without stretching or bending. Store ‘frequently used’ items on the lower shelves and keep a step stool handy when they need to reach for items on the top shelf.


Bedrooms are usually a comfortable place but danger can lurk in the corners. An overly soft and saggy mattress can make seniors feel trapped. Something comfortable and firm might be a better fit. Having a telescoping grab bar by the bed is also a good idea for those who have trouble sitting down and getting up.

That’s it! With these simple steps for home care in Chennai, you can make a leap towards a more senior-friendly home. But this is just the tip of the iceberg according to elder care experts in Chennai. Hire a safety specialist to get a comprehensive assessment of your home, and offer tailor-made suggestions for your specific needs.

Do you know any other tips and tricks we’ve missed above? Leave a comment and let us know.
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